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Take time to enjoy the little things.

     About Joyful Escape

In today's busy world it's hard to take time for ourselves, always running on empty. That is why at joyful Escape Day Spa we would like to remind you to take time for yourself.

 We offer high-quality organic services with that extra TLC to fit your individual needs leaving you ready to face the world again

By appointment only:


Come and enjoy our holistic approach to skincare and relaxation. Our customized facials not only address your skin care needs, but it also take you on a head- to- toe journey.

  Facials $85...60 min.

Body Treatments

Our body treatments include multiple services all rolled in one. Not only will it soothe tired muscles, but also moisturize dry flaky skin, detoxify, boost circulation and helps you relax. To achieve each goal we may use hot stones, dry brushing, warm towels, organic lotion, oil masks and scrubs.

Joyful Escape:

This signature body treatment takes you away from life for just a while, bringing your senses to true relaxation. Warm coconut oil is massaged throughout the body, hot stone towels bring you to complete escape, all while your choice of essential oils fills the room.

30 min...$50  60 min...$85   90 min...$105

Enchanted Paradise:

This body treatment takes you to the next level. Combining our 60-min. signature Joyful Escape body treatment with our customized mini facial allows you to experience the whole package.

90 min...$130


Let us take you to the sounds of the ocean and the aromas of coconuts in the air. This service is designed to exfoliate and hydrate the body while leaving your soul renewed. All over dry brushing stimulates circulation and prepares the skin for warm coconut oil to be brushed on throughout the body you are then nestled in a cozy blanket as you enjoy a relaxing facial massage and cooling eye mask. Warm towels and coconut infused shea butter massage leaving you feeling renewed.

60 min...$90

Nail Services

Serenity Foot Care:

This service is a little TLC for those tired feet and is easily customizable. Great for those who are no longer able to take care of their own feet. Also, good if you are short on time foot analysis, nail treatment, exfoliation, moisturizer and polish of your choice finishes this service.

 Starts at 30 min.... Start at $35

Spring River Pedicure:

Relax your feet in a warm spring bath as they glide over glass river stone, bringing your feet to a complete Bliss this pedicure is a pampering experience for your feet, Nails, cuticles, exfoliation, foot massage, hot towels and polish of your choice finishes the service.

60 min...$60 

Serenity Manicure:

This manicure takes care of all your maintenance needs and finishes with Polish of choice.

30 min...$30


Halotherapy also known as dry salt therapy is a holistic approach that mimics the microclimate of a Salt Cave. Pharmaceutical grade salt is dispensed into a halotherapy booth by a halogenerator. Salt absorbs and removes the allergens, toxins and foreign substances in your lungs and sinuses. Pharmaceutical grade salt reduces inflammation and opens Airway passages making it easier to breed Halotherapy is a holistic, drug free, Natural Therapy to promote better breathing, healthier skin, sound sleep, improves physical fitness and endurance and overall wellness.

One Session, 20 min...$25

Beginner's package... Two sessions $40

Once a week package... Four sessions $80

Let's get serious package... Eight sessions $120

All packages must be used within 30 days of purchase.

We recommend, within the first 7 to 10 days, you have at least 2 to 3 sessions to experience the ultimate results.

Sugar Hair Removal

Sugaring is one of the oldest forms of hair removal and can, in most cases, lead to permanency. Price and times may vary on, area of body. The price listed below are an estimate of what it could be.

Full Face...$25... Chin $12... Upper Lip $12... Eyebrow $15... Underarms $20 ... Full Tummy $40 ... Lower Tummy $20... Forearm $35 ... Full Legs $85 ... Lower Legs $50 ... Full Back $50 ... Half Back $50 ... Buttocks $40  

Bikini Bar:

The Brazilian: 

Nothing left, that's right, nothing. $98

The Hawaiian:

 Barely there. $65 

The O'Canada: 

Perfect for the Canadian bikini. $35

The Alaskan:

 Just a little off the sides, please. $25

Taking time to enjoy the little things.